MPB Behavioural Safety

"Safety.Our Way Of Life" is MPB’s Behavioural Safety Programme.

  • Safety. Our Way of Life
    - Creating healthier, sustainable and safe workplaces
    - Right First Time: Compliance, standards & risk management
  • Great People
    - Step Up: Building Competence, construction excellence, efficiency & accountability
    - One MPB: Wellbeing, worker engagement & retention
    - MPB Champions: Recognition & Reward
    - Speak Up: Internal/External communications strategy (PR/CSR)
  • Great Partners
    - Join Up: Supply chain Engagement
    - Team Up: Being a trusted partner of choice for clients
  • Great Leaders
    - Leadership & Integrity: Sustainable change driving productivity, innovation and continuous improvement.

Safety. Our Way of Life

"At MPB, we know good safety means good business, but to us its more than that. We want people to go home to their families, loved ones and friends every night. Constructing safely is not a choice in MPB, its a behaviour. Through our behavioural safety programme called "Safety.Our Way Of Life", we aim to change people's behaviours so that safety is embedded in all we do" Martin Cragg - Safety & Sustainability Director at MPB Structures Limited.

"Safety. Our Way Of Life"

 This is aimed at our front supervision who we believe are the members of the teams that shape the safety culture on all our projects.

The new training programme has been developed around the key messages a supervisor needs to address when communicating with the workforce regarding their on-site safety behaviour. The key messages are:

- Intervention not confrontation

- Reinforcing the consequences of unsafe behaviour

- Encouraging observed positive behaviours

- Ensuring feedback is given to everyone’s satisfaction

Stage 1

A workshop is given at a central location for a regional area which gives an opportunity for MPB senior management to explain to our people the reasons why MPB are undertaking the "Safety. Our Way Of Life" behavioural safety programme.

The reason for this programme is to reduce accidents/incidents to a target of Zero. Our site senior management will give their initial thoughts and ideas and will be involved from the earliest point of delivery of the behavioural initiative, this would give a degree of ownership and ensure success. 

The workshop programme includes the following-

Introduction of the behavioural safety message, "Safety. Our Way Of Life"

- The role of the supervisor to support the initiative

- Improving engagement regarding safety

- Ensuring the impact of the initiative can be measured

Stage 2

On-site training sessions are delivered with the site teams around the key messages of "Safety. Our Way Of Life". This involves demonstrations of active engagement and communication tools by the trainer with the workforce, this is followed by an opportunity for delegates to practice intervention and communication skills.

Immediate feedback will be given and action plans for any areas of improvement are noted. These training sessions are held in small groups of 3 or 4 people.  

The "Safety. Our Way Of Life" programme

There are three aspects of this bespoke programme. These are Intervention, Communication and Leadership.


This focuses on developing more consistent and effective Safety Observations. When focusing on interventions, the delegates will develop excellent behavioural techniques for engagement. This would include modelling greater use of positive reinforcement as well as providing developmental feedback for improvement and safety critical interventions. This will encourage on the communication of consequences in order to make the safety message more personal and help create longer term behavioural change.


This focuses on how safety is communicated on site, primarily Tool Box Talks, Briefings and RAMs. When focusing on communication, the delegates will develop greater confidence to implement a more discussive approach in these areas. The will promote greater ownership of safety ideas and processes within the workforce, instilling safety responsibilities throughout the organization and shift away from a top-down approach.


This encourages the delegates to increase workforce engagement on site. The course delegate’s will lead a site based group of key sub-contractors that identify and resolve safety issues on site via a weekly tour and meeting. This will help to enable MPB to migrate from a directing approach to safety, through to a coaching approach and ultimately to a more supportive, work force led approach.

Measuring the impact of "Safety. Our Way Of Life"

Measuring the impact of this programme requires an holistic approach. There are a number of sources of data that can be combined to measure the success ofthe programme.

Safety Performance Data

A simple and immediate source of data would be the comparison of annual safety performance data such as the AFR.

Cultural Surveys

A cultural survey could be conducted if not recently completed. This will provide a benchmark for the programme.

Safety Audits

Routine site audits incorporate a measure of the programme. This ensures support for the programme from site managers. Areas of best practice and sites that require greater guidance are immediately identifiable.

Safety Observations.

Trends of interventions, including the proportion of positive identifications also provides evidence of the impact of the "Safety. Our Way Of Life"

Our Commitment

Our Commitment.  Zero injuries.

We are building a culture committed to Zero Harm. Our continuous improvement initiatives empower our teams to take an active role in creating a safe workplace. MPB offers company-wide scheduled safety training, weekly tool box talks on our sites and job safety observation programmes.

We believe that a good safety culture is underpinned by the following values:

- Accepting personal responsibility for our own and others’ safety

- Sharing knowledge, best practices, tools and resources

- Investing in learning and development

- Taking action, always and immediately

- Expecting similar dedication from our fellow specialist contractors

- Recognising people who live safe and act safe

MPB Site Safety Management

In an effort to integrate safety into every aspect of our business, our directors are fully commited to safe working throughout every aspect of our business. We have regional Safety Managers across our regional operating areas.

Management personnel, from our Directors to the front line supervisors, attend formal safety training sessions. This improves safety awareness and provides instruction for implementing safety standards on all our sites. Through our training providers MPB also provides a full range of specific safety training to all of our site teams helping them to prevent injury by recognising and eliminating unsafe working conditions and practices.

MPB are certified to ISO 45001:2018 by URS.